Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Playlist!!!

As Brooklynn is already saying...OMG! Brooke has requested some new "tunes" on my blog, so as you can "hear" they are Miley and a little Taylor Swift....Brooke, Jake and I went to see the BIG OPENING MOVIE...HANNAH MONTANA this weekend and it was very cute and of course Brooklynn has talked about nothing since! She has decided to be Hannah Montana this halloween, (yes she has decided this already) We have been on YOU TUBE watching the HOEDOWN video and she has performed the dance...I mean Hoedown, Boom, Boom, Clap... numerous times for Jake and I. Sad....Jake now knows all of the words too this teeny bopper song, yes I said TEENY BOPPER! I am soooo showing my age now, whew! Tina witnessed a few of the background noise today of my daughters slight, sweet obsession with Hannah today, sorry about that Tina, lol, really! So we decided to add a few new songs to her iPOD and I never should have shown her that site, she was like...."Mom, I HAVE TO HAVE THAT ONE (on about 20 songs)!!!" MMM, hmmmm! So I comprimised and told her she could pick 3 and listen to a few on my blog...I will be sure to take a pix of her doing her HOEDOWN soon, she definatly has my moves, but she gets her moonwalking abilities from Jake, yes...Jake can moonwalk!!!


Tina Fitzloff said...

Can I just the songs on our iPods and looking forward to a video of Brooke doing the Boom, Boom, Clap AND of Jake doing the MOONWALK!!

Sashay~Vanessa said...

I second what Tina said. I want to see Jake MOONWALK!!!!
I love you,