Friday, April 10, 2009

Cupcake Couture Birthday Dress

I haven't had a chance to blog in a few days, I feel so behind on updates and connecting with friends, ugh, where does all the time go? I am thankful for spending time with Brooklynn every morning till 10:30, just me and her.... and then sewing away while she is at school and then the 2 hours of homework, seems like that long anyway, then hang out with the family then they go off to bed and I start sewing again....I feel like all I do is sew (and I love it), which means business is good and I love creating new things, but lack the follow through on my blog, chatting with friends, networking...the list goes on! Business has been great. I feel so greatful for being blessed with such great stores, great buyers and of course my family n' friends. I am so excited about our Fall Line which will be available for preorders the beginning of May. We have had such great success with our Birthday Couture Collection & Our Cheetahlicios Collection. We have almost sold out of all of our Summer Eyelet Dresses!!! They did so great!!!! So what else is new with OPK/ME? Well, just busy working on the new lines and trying to keep up. This business is a lot of work and I am still working almost every night till 1 am....I am dying to start reading the Twilight Series and I am so scared to start beacuse from what I hear, you can't put them down. My girlie friends (Jenay & Tina) have been talking all about these books and how great they are....I thought what could be so great until I watch the movie and now I am hooked. Maybe work until 10 and read till 1? Yeah right! better not start before me, I'm watching you......
We are about 4 weeks until Mothers Day in Mexico. We are going with The Fitzloffs again and I am looking forward to it. Resort, Pool, Beach, Weather....I am counting down the days to get my new tan....Anyway, I gotta run. Hope all of you had a great Good Friday and have a Fabulous Easter.
xoxo, Wendy


Tina Fitzloff said...

Cant wait til you start reading Twilight! I LUUUUVVVE Edward, and Jacob too! RP will be FABULOUS and long over due for me. :)

Rachel said...

Aw you are a hard working mommy!

I admire your business and I think it's great how talented you are!

I started sewing a while back and while I love to create/design, I do not love the sewing part just yet.

Have you thought about hiring someone to help with sewing?

Sashay~Vanessa said...

My dear friend..... I am sooo excited for your great success with OPK the sky the limit baby!!!!! Even though we both get busy I am BLESSED to know I have a TRUE friend in you!!!!!! You are the BEST and when you are done reading twilight you can just be added to my list of crazy friends as I can not sit long enough to read so maybe one day I will watch the movie or not......
Love you

irina said...

Very nice!