Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Sites, New Blogs, Cool Stuff!!!

I thought I would a few of you I know about a few new blogs and sites.....
A sweet lady I had met through Facebook had sent me and Brookie a fabulous Fuzzy, Stylish Pillow and some of the softest wash cloths I have have felt over the weekend. How sweet, I KNOW! Now I tried to take a pix of them yesterday and they didn't turn out so well so I will use her images until I get good light and all that other stuff I need that I learned in my photo class over the weekend! Above are pix of the Pillows she sells and the washcloths too! The pillow I received was in Pink and some very colorful wash cloths, I can't wait ti use them! Anyway, she has started on her site and will be adding more products soon!!! Check it out!!!

Another Site I thought I would share is of a dear friend Tina!!! She finally got her blog up and going and it turned out sooooo cute!!! And the name is soooo sweet and creative....check her and her adorable family out!!!

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