Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yes, I am Alive....

Wow, Christmas, then New Year's...where did all of the time go? A few of you emailed me and asked...are you alive? And yes I am...Christmas was great. Jake's dad stayed the night Christmas Eve and Brooklynn loves it! Then we headed up north to go sledding...AGAIN! Then we took the weekend to recoup, haha, right! Then off to the sand dunes with the Sorensons and the Ralls/Ross Family.

Brooklnn is getting so good at riding her quad. She was dying to take Baby Gabi for a ride, BUT it wasn't going to happen! Jodi got her 1st experience of the dunes and she even went for a "RIDE RIDE"! Good for her. The kids had fun playing in BIGGEST sand box ever.

Here is me and Brooklynn getting ready for a ride!!! I hope all of you had a fabulous holiday!


Sashay~Vanessa said...

I was wondering what happened to you!!!! LOL

LuckyGabi said...

Love the picture of B and B climbing up the hill!! Don't mind if I do!