Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some Teaser Shots!

We finally did our photo shoot for "some" Spring items and it was great! Amy Jamieson http://amyjamiesonphotography.com/blog/ did a fab job and I can't wait to see all of them, here are a few teasers she sent over!. So of course I stayed up late....really late, mostly chatting on the phone with Christina about really important stuff, when we both should have been working and going to bed at a decent hour, but then again, what fun would that be, lol. Well, poor Christina's (http://luckygabi.blogspot.com)/ little boy got sick soshe couldn't make it and I didn't get my Gabi fix! We had little "B" model 8 outfits and she did so good, she is the daughter of Brian who I went to elementary school with like 10 years ago (hahaha) and his wife J.J. who is such a sweet heart. We alos had a new OPK model out today, SASSY Bella, the daughter of my dear friend Vanessa ( http://www.sashayvanessa.blogspot.com/ ) and Bella did a fab job! Oh and I can't forget about my girlie, Brooklynn, you did great too! Everything went smoothly and we'll have a few more outfits coming soon, but that shoot will have to wait for another day! Thaks Aimes for the teaser shots...love them!!! For those of you that follow my blog, thank you and I would love any comments!!!

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Amy Jamieson Photography Blog said...

Blog Stalker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahah! I posted one of Miss Bella!!!!!