Saturday, September 27, 2008

10 Days To GO!!!!!!!

I am so excited....10 more days till Mexico! October 10th, Jake and I will celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary, October 10th....I know, 10 years!!! Wow!!! Holy Cow!!! Who woulda thought Jake could make it with me that long, lol! Well for those of you that don't "know" me, here is a pix of the "Three Muskateers". We have our princess and our dog...bobo, aka Tuff. Our Princess is 6 and is in the 1st grade and is the light of our lives. Then there is Bobo, our queensland heeler, he's deaf, but "listens" great. Anyway, I am thankful to have a wonderful family and I look forward to another 80+ years....who knows with botox and science, I may even look the same, LOL!!!!

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